Had a doctor appointment yesterday.The guys from Boston Scientific were there to reprogram my stimulator, set up a few more programs, having a problem getting to my back.I just have to wait and see.Sometimes it is just frustrating, but I know I have to be patient and see what happens.It is a beautiful day today, it started out as a really gloomy and overcast day, but now the sun is out , I hear the birds singing , all is well with the world.

It is a Nice sun shiny spring day today.There are a few bunnies in the back yard.I don,t feel too well,my back has been bothering me a lot,The stimulator not working on my back as much as I like it to.Oh! well we have to wait and see.It is true that Life is what we make of it and I know I have to make the best with what I have.Tomorrow is another day, maybe it will be better.

womans day

Today is a somewhat cloudy day with a chance of rain in the forecast.I reflect on what it is to be a woman and the great strides women have made.I look back on the stories I have heard about my grandmothers life,she died before I was born, the struggles she endured and the strength she showed. Then I think about my own mother, who had a life a lot better than her mother, but still had many obstacles in her way for being a woman.I always looked up to her and she was my tower of strength,unfortunately she passed away too soon,she had so much to give and so much to teach others.Her love of books and learning, her patience and tolerance to everyone who came her way made me admire her even more.I do hope I have inherited a few things from her,something that woould make my daughter proud.I have tried to instill some of those charecteristics to my daughter .I have had a much better life than my mom and when I look around me I see that women are in a better position today .I see my daughter also having a lot more opportunities in a mans world.I am happy we have come so far and hopefully will be going a lot further in the years to come.

A new start

Today I started to blog again, it took me a whole year to get back to this point.It is something I love to do,to write and express myself, I know I am not a good poet, but I try to express my thoughts in a poetic form.i feel good today, who knows may be it is a start of new things to happen in my life.I tell myself life cannot be that bad, I look around me and see so many people in worse situations in life.Atleast I have a loving family,husband and children who stand by me and give me strength.I am going to try and be a better person .