It is wednesday evening, nothing much happenning, watching the Democratic convention.I am a die hard Democrat, really wanted Hillary to win but am with Obama now.I think this country really needs a change.Try hard not to feel sad or upset.Just take each day as it comes.Started Blogging again, it sure is an outlet for me.Still spend a lot of time at home.I wish things were different but sometimes you have to accept the things you cannot change.It was really nice visiting all my blogging friends, I feel I have known them all my life.I think they are the only true friends I really have.

Had a doctor appointment today, a long drive from home to Beverly hills. On the way saw a car burning on the 405. I just hope nobody was inside and no one was hurt. It is beautiful outside and the sun is up. So much to be thankful for, I am doing better since surgery, still have some pain but I am positive it will get better.


A very rainy day.I don't feel too well.I think it is beause it is very gloomy outside and it is my mothers death anniversary. Sometimes I wish she were here. I know we need the rain ,but sometimes I wish we had none.but then I am reminded of the phrase" we would not appreciate spring, if we had no winter." so it is time to cheer up as spring is around the corner.