Had a doctor appointment today, a long drive from home to Beverly hills. On the way saw a car burning on the 405. I just hope nobody was inside and no one was hurt. It is beautiful outside and the sun is up. So much to be thankful for, I am doing better since surgery, still have some pain but I am positive it will get better.


  1. Hi Starry
    With each new day, it will get better!
    We have to count our blessings!
    It's nice you are doing this journal...I enjoy it!

    Wishing you all the best and much joy....always!


  2. Surgery for what deary? to make you smile, i hope you have a happy valentine's day... :)

  3. well I hope everyone was fine and escaped from the burning car.

  4. Hi lalitha, how u doing? email me back on rockybalboa752001@hotmail.com, need to send u the invite to my blog.

  5. hey how are you ?

    you went through a surgery ... oh boy ! hope nothing serious ~!

  6. hey Starry hows it going? long time. HUGGGGGGGGGGGZ! So glad to hv ya bak!


  7. And abt ur mum....:*(

    I hv no words to comfort u Starry, but I'll cry with u...



  8. Staryy, feel better!
    And it WAS AWESOME to see you over at my place! longgg time

  9. Thank you so much for your kind visit, I am so happy.
    I tried to comment on your second blog, but there was a problem, couldn't open.
    Maybe next time.

    Take care,
    and have a bless weekend!