May 19 2010

Today is the 19th of May and I have not written anything in my journal.Maybe I should not be calling it my daily journal because I do not post everyday.I also have a regular book that I write in every evening ,it is kind of personal so I just keep it to myself. It is a sunny day today, yesterday was overcast and we did have some rain.I hear the birds chirping, it amazes me that the birds sing everyday , no matter what,I often wonder if they have bad days like us.what makes them sing and not just keep quiet? Sometimes I feel happy and there are some days I just dont.I do try and make the day happy because I know that "J" will be sad if he came home and saw me sad.I think it is us who set the day, we can either make it nice or even in the worst of circumstances try to deal with it ,or we can let the whole day just be miserable, so sometimes I try to set the day to be good even if I know it is going to be bad.I know I cannot prevent it from being that way, and sometimes I cannot really change it but I can try. Do you think we can change how we feel?

“I have come to the frightening conclusion that I am the decisive element. It is my personal approach that creates the climate. It is my daily mood that makes the weather.” ~ Goethe


  1. absolutely true depends on us how we look at d world.....perception.....n its we who make dis world a better place to live......wen u smile......der will b more smiles......SO KEEP DAT BEAUTIFUL CURVE ON UR FACE CALLED "SMILE".....4EVER :)

  2. I dont know . I feel the same many times. People say we are the makers of our own happiness. If so, then, where is God .. and if we are the makers of our happiness, won't we always be happy .. why would we chose to be sad ?

  3. beyond horizon..thanks.I think so.

  4. Deepa..I know what you say is true,we do have the ability to make our day happy or sad depending on how we see it, things may go wrong but we can still take it and maybe see some good in it.Thats how I feel.