JUNE 21 2010

Yesterday was a really nice day,First it was fathers day and then Vijay was home from school.He came and took us out to lunch,then rented the movie "Shutter Island".He always brings joy when he comes home and we miss him when he leaves.It reminded me of fathers day gone by, the children would be so excited to make cards, buy a present and surprise him.Even though it has not been too long since he went away it does seem longer.I am glad that he is in school in California,about 100 miles from home so he can come home often.When kids are young they rely on us for everything and now it looks like he is always worried about me and asks if I am OK.Time does fly but I am glad he is responsible and is a good kid .They have a good dad,disciplined but sensitive and has set a good example for them, I could not have expected or asked for more.


  1. Nice, it is true that time flies, but mostly we know only when they have moved far.

    First time here, Daily Blog?
    None since June 21st

  2. I am happy for you, Starry that you have a caring husband & such lovely kids!
    And thanks for dropping by my blog...